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How to prepare NGA Design Your Own Coat of Arms 0 Form

The NGA Design Your Own Coat of Arms 0 Form sample
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing NGA Design Your Own Coat of Arms 0 Form

Instructions and Help about NGA Design Your Own Coat of Arms 0 Form

Ratings I'm shad, and I love coat-of-arms though technically strictly speaking that is an incorrect term, but I use it because that will then identify and let you know what I'm going to be talking about because they're awesome to don't you think just look cool I got dragons and lions and other things on them but what I particularly love about the conventionally speaking coat of arms is how it's the symbolism in it how to identify the individual to whom it belongs to I just really love that kind of imagery also you know that through visual means you can then you know tell something about this individual person it adds an element of coolness to the individual depending on what they have in their coat of arms I and I have got a cool dragon or other the thing that represents me is a dragon or a lion or a sword or a boar or a stag or any number of things it's just awesome it says something about the individual, but it also lets the individual convey what they want to be conveyed to other people now remember how I said that strictly speaking the term coat of arms is actually incorrect, and it is coat of arms is actually referring to a coat an actual garment though it has evolved to mean the full armorial achievement or heraldic achievement that is actually the official name of what you think of that when you hear coat of arms it's the more achievement or heraldic achievement, and it is not a crest or family crest which is your know a term or a descriptive phrase that people use to identify the armorial achievement it's not that at all armorial achievements have crests in them okay, but they are not crests as a whole that that's an incorrect thing also just to point out I will be using my own armorial achievement that I designed for visual reference throughout this video now it's not official okay I could make it official if I really wanted to, but it follows most of their rules of heraldry when describing what is on a full coat of arms and other things like that and so it's a good point of reference that I can show you and also manipulate you know emphasize the part I'm talking about before we get into the nitty-gritty let's step back and establish where the concept of a coat of arms originates and that is of course the problem with knowing who is a friend or foe is on the battlefield because when you're fighting everything like that you don't want to kill Joe and realize what um he was an outside sorry Joey yeah you're right yeah yeah I guess not having a head is going to be a bit you know difficult there so there needs to be a means to identify who is who on the battlefield especially if those peoples are important now ...

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